Feb 3, 2010


By: Cecily Markland - Arizona Beehive

AFTERGLOW is back.

Actually, signs would indicate that Joel McCausland and Kevin Peay, who began their singing career together nearly 30 years ago have never been too far out of the picture.

Judging by ongoing sales, well-attended concerts and a tremendous response to the repackaging of their hit albums, it would seem the world-renowned musical duo is still sought after by thousands of fans, many who have been loyal followers since the 1980s.

Now, those fans and many more who are new to the sound of AFTERGLOW will welcome an all-new album called “Mercyville.”

Though five years ago they released six double-CD sets of material they’d done in the past, “Mercyville” is their first release of original music since 1999.

Kevin Peay says, “’Mercyville’ has original songs about things that have been part of life and our experiences over the last nine to ten years.”

“Joel [McCausland] has brought to song format his personal love for the Savior and the restored gospel coming into our lives. He pays tribute to those who have gone before, those who have pioneered,” Kevin says.

Kevin’s new songs focus on the concept of mercy.

“Mercy has been on my mind much of late,” he says, explaining that he has contemplated this topic as he has worked with the humanitarian center and has recently spoken at several firesides in regards to the Church as a “reach out” organization in terms of what they have done to respond to recent disasters.

“There’s an amazing goodness of the people who respond,” Kevin says.

He says long-time fans will most likely recognize somewhat of an “AFTERGLOW sound” on their new CD.

“You can’t change our voices,” Kevin laughs.

He adds, “We worked with great arrangers who have taken it into new areas, but it’s not a huge departure from the familiar harmonies and melodies that have been part of our music.

The duo first began singing together at school assemblies when they were juniors in high school and sang at various community events and LDS firesides before leaving to serve LDS missions in 1980. By 1984, Deseret Book had signed them to a recording contract.

“We were lucky enough to be early in the LDS music scene,” Kevin says. “We’re sort of the grandfathers in LDS music.”

They went on to record 17 albums for Deseret Book, two love song albums and two Nashville-produced country albums. These works from the past are now available on rebranded, two-CD sets.

Kevin says their focus now and the thing they are most excited about is “bringing forth the message of mercy and love” with their new CD, “Mercyville.” They look forward to performing their new numbers at concerts throughout the west.

“Mercyville” is distributed by Sounds of Zion will be in LDS bookstores before the end of November. For more information and upcoming events, see and